Analyst Coverage

Check the list of analysts who follow DEXCO

Dexco is covered by the analysts described below. It is worth mentioning that any opinion, estimate and function regarding the Company’s performance made by these analysts, are exclusive to the institution and do not represent or attributed to Dexco or its Executive Board.

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Broker Analyst Email Target price (12 months) Recommendation Date
Bank of America Leonardo Neratika R$10.00 Buy 01/31/2023
Bradesco BBI Rafael Barcellos R$ 11.00 Buy 09/14/2023
BTG Pactual Leonardo Correa R$ 13.00 Buy 02/12/2023
Caio Greiner
Eleven Reasearch Fausto Menezes R$ 17.00 Buy 03/10/2022
Goldman Sachs Marcio Farid R$ 9.50 Buy 04/14/2024
HSBC Jonathan Brandt R$ 16.75 Buy 07/30/2020
Gustavo Hwang
Jefferies Pedro Baptista R$10.00 Buy 01/30/2024
JP Morgan Rodolfo Angele R$ 12.00 Buy 02/01/2023
Tathiane Candini
Santander Arthur Biscuola R$ 8.50 Hold 11/30/2023
TC Matrix William de Sousa Gomes R$12.00 Buy 03/09/2023