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Ethics and Integrity

  Dexco Code of Conduct


In order to maintain this harmony and even understanding of the best conduct that governs our professional day-to-day, we provide a Code of Conduct. It is this document, available to everyone at Dexco, that guides the way in which each manager, employee, own or outsourced, does business on behalf of the Company. Establishes the appropriate and desired conduct when interacting with Dexco or its main stakeholders.

Our Compliance area is responsible for disseminating, training, reviewing and updating our Code of Conduct. Any and all matters related to the topic are previously discussed in the Technical Group of the Ethics Commission (Compliance, Human Resources and Legal Management) and resolved in the Ethics Commission, formed by the Chief Executive Officer and other members of the Executive Committee. Updates to the Code of Conduct are approved by the Board of Directors.

Main topics covered by the Code of Conduct

  • Relationship with stakeholders (shareholders and investors, managers and employees, customers and consumers, competitors, suppliers, communities, public authorities);
  • Conflict of interests;
  • Conduct deviations; and
  • Integrity Program.


Our Way of Being and Doing and doing business is one. It is based on integrity, legality and justice. To this end, the Dexco Integrity Program is based on:

Guide to the Integrity Program

Guide to the Integrity Program

The purpose of this Guide is to formalize the mechanisms and internal procedures of Dexco’s Integrity Program, pursuant to the Anti-corruption Law (Law 12.846/2013) and the Federal Anti-corruption Decree (Decree 8.420/2014), for preventing, detecting, and addressing irregularities and Illicit acts practiced against the Government, contributing to the strengthening of the culture of integrity and transparency in the Company.

This Guide applies to all the areas of Dexco, its managers and employees, as well as third parties that may eventually be engaged by Dexco S.A.


Political Contributions

Dexco does not make any political contributions, in compliance with the Anti-Corruption Policy, which forbids expenditures and donations to candidates or political parties, according to the applicable legislation. Other types of Government donations will only occur on an exceptional basis, provided that they meet the following purposes and criteria: (i) compliance with legal requirements or determinations; (ii) preservation of public goods/services directly affected by the Company’s operating activities, upon technical justification by the requesting management; and (iii) supporting causes that are in line with the Company’s activities and/or values. In any of the previous exceptions, the donation will respect the provisions of the Donation Standard, meeting the mandatory formalization requirements (ex. official letter) and upon prior analysis and favorable opinion from the Compliance area, in addition to approval from the presiding Board and President of Dexco.

Institutional and Public Affairs Management

To contribute with public authorities to create public policies that foster bussiness and social enviroment, in 2020 Dexco created a Government Relations and Public Affairs area which is responsible to represent the Company’s discourse within the legislative process (federal, state and local). Such department operates mainly together with reputable sectorial entities which the Company is a affiliated (e.g IBÁ, CIESP, ABINEE, ANFACER, among others)  granting an impersonal and transparent political action, always guided by ethical, moral standards and in accordance with the Laws and Dexco Anti-Corruption Policy.