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Social Responsibility

One of the ways to stimulate and contribute to social development is to invest in priorities. Dexco’s Private Social Investment is focused on donations to, and sponsorship of, projects via tax incentive laws and institutional partnerships. With respect to sponsorship, inputs are gathered from information mapped from Round Table discussions and from proposals submitted over our website.

Regarding our philanthropic strategy, we supported many initiatives in Brazil, focusing on municipalities that we have business unit. Our cash contribution to Society in 2021, through tax initiatives programs reached the amount of R$ 4.7 million. The volume of in-kind donation, between Dexco’s products and hospital kits was about R$ 600 thousand. In addition, our Corporate Volunteer program, “D + Valor”, promoted professional training to disadvantage young people through the “Formare Aprendiz Program” with our professionals as teachers, during working hours, summing R$ 15.082,02. We also count our management costs, and during 2021 it was R$ 313.853,00.


Dexco understands that positive impact on society must be allied to a well-thought out strategy if it is to be effective. However, it is sometimes necessary to intervene with donations. To this end, Dexco has established an internal guideline that governs the donation of its products or goods acquired to meet specific needs.

The Social Responsibility area (ESG Management) manages donations, ensuring that the criteria have been met and that the donations have been duly finalized.

Since 2020, donations have been geared towards activities aiming to combat Covid-19, as you can see here. However, in keeping with internal guidelines and local needs, Dexco has also supported 12 institutions in 2021, through the donation of products or goods acquired by the company.


Our sponsorships follow the logic of promoting social initiatives, aiming to support projects and programs that generate impact and promote social transformation. To achieve this, we take advantage of tax incentive laws.

The Company is guided by two axes that are priority needs: environment and education. The selected projects are evaluated based on the following premises and criteria:


  • Priority public: young people;
  • Benefiting municipalities where we have manufacturing or forestry units;
  • Projects with the potential to scale up;
  • Projects that meet the priority demands of communities;
  • Existence of other sponsors.


  • Coherence and clarity of the proposal;
  • Adherence to Dexco’s strategy;
  • Social impact and importance​
  • Number of people who will benefit​;
  • Scope/scale​;
  • Clear and appropriate budget;
  • Proposal presents long-term viability;
  • Proponent qualified to implement and manage the proposal;
  • If implemented previously, has produced successful results.

See below for projects that make up part of the social investment plan:

Federal Law Project City Amount
Federal da Cultura Conhecendo os ODS Circuito nas Escolas Cabo de Santo Agostinho e João Pessoa  R$ 330,000.00
Federal da Cultura Cena ambiental – teatro itinerante Aracaju, Agudos, Itapetininga, Queimados, Taquari e Uberaba  R$ 720,000.00
Federal da Cultura Museu da Água São Paulo  R$ 200,000.00
Federal da Cultura Portinari para Todos São Paulo  R$ 1,100,000.00
Federal da Cultura Plano Bianual MUJSP São Paulo  R$ 285,000.00
Federal da Cultura Plano Bianual MAM – SP São Paulo  R$ 209,000.00
Incentivo ao Esporte IEE – Núcleo Cabo de Santo Agostinho Cabo de Santo Agostinho  R$ 350,000.00
Incentivo ao Esporte Vôlei Instituto Serginho 10 Guarulhos  R$ 324,000.00
Fundo da Infância e Adolescência Centro de Inovação Criciúma  R$ 674,000.00
Incentivo ao Idoso Projeto Tomógrafo Criciúma  R$ 674,000.00
Federal Law Project City Amount
Lei Federal da Cultura Plano Anual de Atividades MAM São Paulo 2021 São Paulo R$ 300,000.00
Lei Federal da Cultura Caminhos da Sustentabilidade – (Arte da Fotografia) Aracaju, Cabo de Santo Agostinho, João Pessoa, Jundiaí, Jacareí, Urussanga, Criciúma, Queimados, Itapetininga, Uberaba e Agudos R$ 950,000.00
Lei de Incentivo ao Esporte Futebol de Rua Pela Educação Ano X Brasil João Pessoa e Aracaju R$ 300,000.00
Fundo da Infância e Adolescência Projeto Bem Cuidar – Tecendo Redes de Proteção João Pessoa R$ 150,000.00
Fundo da Infância e Adolescência Jovens Talentos Empreendedores Urussanga R$ 90,000.00
Fundo da Infância e Adolescência Ser Empreendedor de Sonhos Criciúma R$ 95,000.00
Lei do Idoso Braços Robóticos tecnologias para o setor de radioterapia com intuito de melhorar o atendimento do paciente idoso Criciúma R$ 150,000.00
Lei do Idoso Convivendo e Aprendendo com Alegria Taquari R$ 185,000.00
Federal Law Project City Amount
PROAC Círculo Arte Social Itapetininga e Jundiaí R$ 229,670.35
PROAC MAM São Paulo R$ 304,137.20
PIE Judô Gulô Agudos R$ 268,941.81
PIE Pedala Tour (residual 2018) São Paulo R$ 39,992.26
Federal Law Project City Amount
Federal da Cultura Caminhos do consumo consciente Aracaju, Cabo de Santo Agostinho, João Pessoa, Jundiaí, Jacareí, Urussanga, Queimados, Itapetininga, Uberaba e Agudos. R$ 880,000.00
Federal da Cultura Heróis em ação Aracaju, João Pessoa e Itapetininga R$ 1,101,000.00
Lei Federal do Esporte Futebol de Rua Queimados, Uberaba e Cabo de Santo Agostinho R$ 450,000.00
Lei Federal do Esporte Esporte e Lazer Criciúma R$ 45,000.00
FUMCAD Jovens empreendedores Urussanga R$ 100,000.00
FUMCAD Jovens empreendedores Criciúma R$ 190,000.00
FUMCAD Bem Cuidar João Pessoa R$ 205,000.00
Lei do Idoso Convivendo e aprendendo com alegria Taquari R$ 245,000.00
Lei do Idoso Atendimento especializado aos idosos Criciúma R$ 250,000.00
PRONON Implementação e Ampliação do Serviço de Medicina Nuclear Uberaba R$ 245,000.00
Federal Law Project City Amount
PROAC Curta Jovem Botucatu R$ 117,186.98
PROAC Teatro Municipal de Agudos Agudos R$ 30,000.00
PROAC Jovem em Cena Jundiaí e Itapetininga/ São Paulo, Jacareí, Agudos R$ 120,000.00
PROAC Óculos da alegria São Paulo R$ 100,000.00
PROAC Morrinhos Tibiriçá e Jacareí R$ 150,000.00
PIE Canoagem Solidária São Paulo R$ 250,000.00
Federal Law Project City Amount
PRONAC A Arte do Grafite – Caminhos da Água Aracaju, Cabo de Santo Agostinho, João Pessoa, Jundiaí, Urussanga e Queimados R$ 890,000.00
PRONAC A Arte do Grafite – Caminhos da Biodiversidade Itapetininga, Uberaba, Agudos e Taquari
PRONAC Cidades Inteligentes Jundiaí, Jacareí, São Paulo e Queimados R$ 992,797.70
PRONAC Heróis em Ação – lá onde eu moro Jacareí, Uberaba e Urussanga R$ 1,250,000.00
PRONAC De Palma em Palma Itapetininga, São Leopoldo, Queimados, Cabo de Santo Agostinho, João Pessoa e Aracaju R$ 900,000.00
PRONAC Teatro Municipal Adelia Lorenzenti – ALIC Lençóis Paulista R$ 94,000.00
PRONAC Programação 2019_MAM São Paulo R$ 200,000.00
PRONAC Cantos de Leitura – 4º edição Tibiriçá, Itapetininga e Uberaba R$ 330,000.00
PRONAC Reconstrução do Teatro Cultura Artística – 2º Fase São Paulo R$ 300,000.00
LIE Tênis transformando Vidas Jundiaí e Jacareí R$ 519,507.67
LIE Braçadas para o Futuro Jundiaí R$ 228,989.81
LIE Educando pelo Esporte – Núcleos 5,6,7 e 8 Itapetininga, Jacareí, Jundiaí R$ 323,000.00
LIE Futebol de Rua pela Educação Uberaba R$ 150,000.00
FUMCAD ECA – Esporte Cidadania e Arte João Pessoa R$ 119,719.00
FUMCAD Bem Cuidar João Pessoa R$ 360,000.00
FUMCAD Horta Ecológica Estrela do Sul R$ 3,147.00
FUMCAD Parque de Integração Estrela do Sul R$ 7,500.00
FUMCAD Informatizar é preciso Agudos R$ 21,150.00
FUMCAD Estimulação precoce na educação especial Agudos R$ 36,363.02
FUMCAD Jovens Talentos Empreendedores Criciúma R$ 60,000.00
FUMCAD Jovens Talentos Empreendedores Urussanga R$ 98,440.00
FUMCAD Prevenção de Deficiências Urussanga R$ 22,437.00
FUMCAD Orquestra Jovem de Sergipe Aracaju R$ 288,000.00
FUMCAD Aprender brincando Aracaju R$ 37,939.10
FUMCAD Projeto Vida Aracaju R$ 123,000.00
FUMCAD Projeto Meio Ambiente Botucatu R$ 60,000.00
Lei do Idoso Idoso deficiente na era tecnológica São Leopoldo R$ 74,200.00
Lei do Idoso Atendimento especializado ao idoso São Leopoldo R$ 31,500.00
Lei do Idoso Idosos vivendo com qualidade de vida Aracaju R$ 246,000.00
Lei do Idoso Tratamento especializado aos idosos Criciúma R$ 320,000.00
Lei do Idoso Convivendo e aprendendo com alegria Taquari R$ 100,000.00
Lei do Idoso Adequações do prédio da Instituição de Longa Permanência para Idosos Lençóis Paulista R$ 200,000.00
Lei do Idoso Projeto Jequitibá Botucatu R$ 54,000.00
Lei do Idoso Projeto Moradia de idosos Botucatu R$ 50,000.00
Lei do Idoso Fundo do Idoso Uberaba R$ 150,000.00
PRONAS Supermercado inclusivo Jundiaí R$ 172,703.00
PRONAS Serviço Clínico em Reabilitação Especializado de Rio Novo do Sul Rio Novo do Sul R$ 113,570.00
PRONAS Voz que transforma Ribeirão Preto R$ 42,060.83
PRONAS SuperAção Ribeirão Preto R$ 53,400.00
PRONAS Ampliação da Assistência à Saúde da Pessoa com Deifciência da APAE da SERRA (teste da orelhinha) Serra R$ 330,000.00
PRONON Câncer de mama localmente avançado Recife R$ 500,000.00
PRONON O uso da alta tecnologia na modernização do serviço da neurocirurgia oncológica Criciúma R$ 400,000.00
PRONON Avanço no Diagnóstico e Tratamento de Mulheres com Câncer de Mama Jacareí R$ 339,000.00
Federal Law Project City Amount
PIE Corrida Esporte e Bem Estar V Itapetininga (SP) R$ 227,096.38
PIE Circuito Eco II Jundiaí (SP) R$ 176,621.60
PROAC Vem ver a madeira virar brincadeira Agudos (SP) R$ 228,259.68
PROAC Teatro Municipal de Lençóis Paulista Lençóis Paulista (SP) R$ 23,000.00



We believe that establishing a network of partnerships is fundamental. Thus, Dexco works with institutional partnerships that fit our objectives and that pursue sustainable development, the promotion of education and knowledge, embrace diversity and combat the sexual exploitation of children, in particular: 


Promoted by the Iochpe Foundation and run at Dexco since 2003, Formare works on developing young apprentices, with our own employees acting as volunteer trainers. The program includes both theoretical and practical elements. On the back of this, material is developed in partnership with the Iochpe Foundation with content linked to our operations. With each iteration of the program, some young people are hired as Dexco employees. The project is already running at seven units, developing 650 young people.

Childhood Brasil – the Na Mão Certa program

Developed by Childhood Brasil, the Programa Na Mão Certa (On the Right Track Program) brings together companies through the Business Pact Against the Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents on Brazilian Highways. The aim is to tackle this serious violation of human rights. To disseminate the program, employees at the business units undergo training to become multipliers. In addition, we have included issues related to the topic in our Supplier Management System (GFD).


In addition to Brazil, Dexco works with social initiatives in Colombia, where the company is developing a project designed to support communities that live in regions in the vicinity of our forests. A variety of processes are being developed that aim to identify and mitigate the impact of our operations on these communities, in addition to working to resolve conflicts. The initiative has been ongoing since 2012 in partnership with Fundación Gestión Social y Ambiental.

Find out more
Check out our Sponsorship guidelines for Using the Tax Incentive
Check out our Donations Guidelines

We believe that having diverse teams enriches the working environment and enables ideas and experiences to add value to business solutions that crossover social contexts, reflecting a more equitable society. Diversity and inclusion generate transformation in the organizational culture, creating a working environment in which each employee has access to the same opportunities, space and respect. In addition, these are increasingly important requirements for attracting and retaining talent.

The Diversity & Inclusion Journey (D&I) is one of the themes of Dexco’s strategic agenda and makes up part of our organizational culture. Thus, in a sustainable manner, we seek to make Dexco more inclusive and high-performing, somewhere all employees are recognized – in a safe, diverse and pluralistic environment – for being who they really are, putting their own stamp on their performance and being valued for doing so. And we do this through affirmative action, projects and awareness-raising.

To this end, we promote actions – both at our gateway, in ensuring the diversity of human characteristics, and in our internal actions, which cherish these differences and create an increasingly inclusive environment.

Developing a D&I program is a journey. And in order for it to be done in a sustainable manner, in recent years there have been two priorities: Gender and People with Disabilities (PCD). By way of illustrating the progress of our project, in 2022 we added the Race/Ethnicity theme to the agenda, in addition to always aiming to value differences and areas of crossover.

Our objective is that actions relating to diversity, leveraged in recent years, are given ever more space. Take a look at some of our initiatives below:

  • Training and awareness of the Executive Committee and leadership;
  • Training for employees on diversity and inclusion issues;
  • Entry Programs that have an eye on diversity and inclusion;
  • Creation of a discussion group for diversity and inclusion by employees of the Wood Division;
  • Diversity Target set with a focus on PcD;
  • Participation in forums and movements, such as REIS – Business Network for Social Inclusion/360°Women’s Movement;
  • “Women in Operation” training program at the Wood and Ceramic Tiles divisions;
  • Tracking of the Maternity Leave Return Indicator;
  • Setting a Diversity Goal with a focus on Hiring Women for leadership positions.

PROTEG is our Management of Health & Safety at Work program. The 2021-2023 plan is based on five Drivers (Communication, Training & Awareness, Structural adaptations, Ergonomics and Tracking) aligned to the three PROTEG pillars (People, Safe and Healthy Working Environment, Strategy).

Meeting the requirements of the ISO standard 45001:2018 and with a policy for establishing guidelines, scope and assumptions, PROTEG encompasses senior management (Executive Committee) and all stakeholder groups that may be affected by the Company.

Protecting means preventing someone from some danger, and looking out for yourself but also for others, in a true case of collective care.

PROTEG pillars

Ensuring the involvement of all employees (internal, service providers, suppliers, visitors and other interested parties) with topics from health and safety through to the commitment of leaders, the assumption of responsibility by all, effective communication and collective care.

Safe and Healthy Working Environment

Working environment, facilities, machines and equipment that ensure compliance with legislation and best practices related to health and safety and well-being.

Set of actions, alignments, coordinating activities, good practices and strategies that lay out the responsibilities, programs, and drivers that help establish the processes for taking decisions related to health and safety.

Focus drivers of the pillars

Proactive Safety Indicator

Safety indicators, which are usually adopted by companies, measure accident rates (injuries), but they are reactive, as they measure the incidence and frequency of past events.

One definition of safety is the protection of employees through risk management.

Accident rates do not measure risk or objectively assess the risk factors present.

Aligned to the strategic objective of creating ‘better living for employees’, a new tool, called PROTEG Proactive Indicator (IPP), has been developed to track safety performance.

With this indicator, risk factors that are present in critical activities are assessed, as is the presence of precursors to critical incidents at the workplace.

Taking Care Together  (Cuidar Juntos)

In addition to PROTEG, we also have Taking Care Together, which is a Dexco health and well-being program that covers all of the company’s employees at all levels, plus their dependents. Taking Care Together is structured around 4 pillars: 

  • Health promotion and prevention: encompasses health education and communication programs and activities focused on preventative action.
  • Occupational health management: includes strategic occupational consultation, management of certificates and management of those on leave.
  • Health Care Management: actions aimed at caring for the employee’s health care, including the monitoring of chronic diseases, mental and emotional health, vaccination campaigns and monitoring of expectant mothers.
  • Well-being program: involves health services and activities targeting the overall health of the employee.  

In each of these pillars are activities that aim to boost employee well-being, including:

  • PEA – Personal Emergency Assistance: it is a support service for employees and immediate family covering psychological, financial and legal needs. PEA was especially important in providing support during the pandemic, especially with respect to psychological well-being.
  • Gestating Together: monitors the gestational and postpartum period of employees and pregnant dependents, offering support and guidance for each phase, with a view to promoting the well-being of the expectant mother and her baby, thus minimizing the risks of premature birth.
  • Healthy Mind – Healthy Body: aims to promote Mental Health, through prevention, identification, support and rehabilitation. These actions represent progress in placing more value on employees’ quality of life and on consolidating actions that promote health and well-being.

When we talk about Social, we are talking about two aspects: the internal public and society as a whole. Keeping a close, daily relationship with the communities in which our business units are located is part of Dexco’s social strategy for promoting local development.

A community relationship plan tends to be more efficient and successful if there is a direct channel for dialogue with its representatives. With this in mind, we have developed two very important initiatives: the Agent of the People Program and the Round Table Discussions.

In addition, as part of our strategy for Private Social Investment, we make donations of our products, while also supporting projects via tax incentive laws and Learning Programs, which are of particular benefit to socially vulnerable young people.

Agent of the People Program

The Agent of the People Program has existed at Dexco since 2017. Its purpose is to encourage employees to become engagement agents. Employees undergo initial training, so that they can lead dialogue with the community, thus contributing to the assessment of the needs of the local community.

We believe that, this way, we can create a team in each unit whose work goes hand-in-hand with building a relationship with the community.

Round Table Discussions

This is a process of active listening and engagement that, in addition to improving the relationship and broadening discussions, helps us to understand the needs of each community, the main concerns, and the principle actors locally. Thus, it is possible to select initiatives for private social investment from projects that meet priority needs, leave a legacy, promote social transformation, and make a positive impact.

The round table discussions have four phases, beginning with the engagement and training of employees on the Agent of the People Program. This is followed by a round of dialogue with local actors (when we talk about community, we involve people and associations from the neighborhood in which our units are located, as well as companies and institutions with which we relate or think it important to engage).

After the Round Table is held, the agents draw up minutes and set up an action plan, choosing up to three local initiatives to be delivered that year. The documents and materials are shared with the Social Responsibility area, which selects the proposals to receive funds each year in line with the company’s strategy.

The project selection process, in turn, is fed by the Round Tables, in which there is an opportunity to identify proposals and charitable organizations. Another gateway for receiving inputs into the process is the sponsorships page of the Company website.

The projects pass through a process of selection that involves several internal areas plus the leadership, until approved for implementation, as shown in the figure below: